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  1. I am contacting you on behalf of the Hopatcong Community Garden. This our first year up and running and we need some advice. How do we deal with groundhogs? (We are looking for humane and organic methods.) Any feedback will be appreciated. Thanks, Ann Fusco

    1. We have only had 1 ground hog in the garden. He lived under the Porta Potty for one season. We plant so much we didn’t miss anything that he ate. The next year we put the porta potty in a different place where he could not dig under it.
      He did not come back.

  2. Lucky you – only one groundhog! We do not have a portapotty. We know this will be on ongoing problem as lots of plants have already been eaten.
    😦 Thanks for your response, Ann

  3. Hello! we are the Greater Holy Temple church, with a very large community
    garden corner lot, we had very good success in 2014 of tomatoes, but not in 2015. we need some help, or a team to as yours to cultivate it for a community garden.

    1. Hello Greater Holy Temple,

      Did you plant your tomatoes in the same place? They need to be moved every year.. I don’t know why but if you plant them in the same place they do not grow well. Did you plant with seeds you saved from last years tomatoes. If they were hybrids they will not give a good yield.
      That is all I know about tomatoes.
      Are you in Champaign too?


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