The Randolph Street Community Garden is a volunteer run project committed to providing an opportunity for the residents of the North-end of Champaign to grow their own fresh organic produce. We believe that community gardening makes our neighborhood more cohesive and improves the quality of our lives. In addition to the intrinsic experience of harvesting the fruits of one’s labor, community gardening is an inexpensive source of fresh fruits and vegetables!

Since 2006, residents of the Washington Square Apartments and youth participants of the Motherlands Culture Club have successfully planted and harvested a variety of vegetables and berries. We would like to welcome you to join us!

Our Goals:

  • Improve the access of fresh foods to the North-end of Champaign
  • Provide educational programming to the youth and adults about the benefits of gardening
  • Establish a mini-market to sell extra produce
  • Create a venue for outdoor activities for neighborhood families
  • Establish an honor garden to recognize those who have done significant work towards making the community a better place

Download a copy of our brochure Here


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